I hereby submit the form Business Centre to enroll as a Business Centre PT. ALFA SEHAT INDONESIA. I certify that all information written in this form are correct and have read, understood, and agree to be bound by and will obey all rules and regulations established by the PT. ALFA SEHAT INDONESIA. And I will exercise the rights and obligations inherent in it.
Prospective Business Centre PT. ALFA SEHAT INDONESIA must be 18 years or older and must attach a copy of ID card.
Business Centre forms must be filled in completely and correctly and will be considered valid if approved by the company and Forms Business Centre has been signed and stamped by the staff off the company and if the transfer payments to the company account payment will be considered valid if the company has received proof of transfer via fax or email.
I fully understand that if after a Business Centre PT. ALFA SEHAT INDONESIA was evidence of the above statement is not true, then I would be revoked membership.
I will do my best to make the sale of products Bioalpha and will not sell products Bioalpha below a set price.
I agree to be bound by and will obey the code of ethics and all rules and regulations set by the company either did not want written.
I understand and agree that Bioalpha will revoke my membership without prior notice if I Bioalpha libelous, violate the terms of the marketing plan Bioalpha, provide information that is not true about Bioalpha other than those specified and set by Bioalpha or by other causes.
If the development of the company Bioalpha make changes, then I will submit to and obey and support any program undertaken by the company.
I recognize and agree that the money-back guarantee (money back guarantee) shall not apply if the company has done post data.
I promised not to do anything to recruit prospective member or member who has a right to another member, if I do then I am ready to be prosecuted and deprived of their membership.
By signing this form distributor, then I declare to have read, understood, and agreed to all terms and statements distributor.
Business Centre membership period PT. ALFA SEHAT INDONESIA lifetime since the form was signed by the prospective distributor.